Barrie Howard
Blowing in the Wind
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Music about.....something, not just moon, june, spoon with a
screaming guitar fill.  From the first "pop" songs by Stephen Foster to
the songs of the revolution (the one in the 1960s) BLOWING IN THE
WIND is a show about great songs and the stories behind them.  

The program features the musician who connected much of the music
and the causes of the 20th century, Pete Seeger.  Pete was a
contemporary of Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly but also led the way
fro singer/songwriters who followed them; Bob Dylan, Joan Baez,
John Denver and others.

And Leadbelly was only one of the great bluesmen of his age; Robert
Johnson, Son House and many others.

Programs that inspire, instruct, or just entertain

And you WILL sing along.
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Singing along with a Barrie Howard show
is practically a requirement

What Have They Done To the Rain
The Cruel War
Big Boss Man
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Saint James Infirmary
All Along The Watchtower
City of New Orleans
Country Roads
Tom Dooly
The Times They Are A'Changing
Folsom Prison Blues
Freight Train
Trouble In Mind
Where Have All the Flowers Gone
If I Had a Hammer
This Land is Your Land
House of the Rising Sun
Lizzie Borden

and many others