“The audience absolutely gasped when Mark entered and the buzz during
intermission was deafening.  What a great show!
Eden Restoration Council, Eden, North Carolina

“If Mark Twain had been in attendance tonight, he would have given Barrie a ten.  
The audience was amazed at the energy and the stage presence.  We were
concerned about the fire marshal coming in because we overflowed our seating
Jonas Regional Library, Lincolnton, North Carolina

“The only review necessary about Mr. Twain’s lecture to our 8th Grade assembly is
the crowd of students that surrounded him after the show.  These students were
staggered when this historical and literary figure came to life.”
Lincoln Middle School, Lincolnton, North Carolina

“Our residents had a wonderful time with Mr. Twain.  Thanks so much for the
suggestion of changing the seating.  It made the program very warm and intimate.  
I was amazed at how perfect your Mark Twain was.”
           Sharon Towers, Charlotte, North Carolina

“MARK TWAIN was a great show for our community.  I don’t think most people knew
what to expect and when he started speaking directly to them, the grins went from
ear to ear.  This was terrific”
                                          Oaks Community, Huntersville, North Carolina

“Well, you did it.  I didn’t think you could do such a solid program in the time we
have in Rotary meetings but the show was great fun.  This was a very pleasant
surprise for a business audience that’s hard to please.  Good job.”
                       Rotary, Lincolnton, North Carolina

“Mark was such fun.  Our residents just loved him.”
           Kingston Center, Hickory, North Carolina

What a wonderful evening.  We are looking forward to “Mark” headlining our
September festival.  Thanks so much for a wonderful show.”
                                   Alexander County Library, Taylorsville, North Carolina